I was born in 1982 in South Moravia, Czech Republic.  I loved to draw ever since andalways drew people in some human drama situations such as closeups of some faces in conversation. It was also very important to me what and how my „actors“ are wearing.

   When I was ten years old,  I decided to become a fashion designer and at the age of twelve I started to work as a fashion model on national TV.  At the age of fifteen I moved to Milan, where I wanted to study at Marangoni institute.  I worked good there as a fashion model but after one year I still could not afford to pay the tuition at Marangoni and I returned home in Czech.

   I studied applied paintings at one of national high schools of art.  Later I married japanese man and we moved to Japan where I learned zen technique of ink paintings for five years.  At the same time I taught art to families at an art club I founded.

   Around five years ago we returned to Czech and at around that time, the trend of fashion illustration had grand comeback in fashion world. It was perfect for me, I could combine all my passion and knowladge.

   I created my portfolio of illustrations and started to collaborate with fashion magazines , designers, brands, shops, and celebrities.  Last year I produced my own project Czech Fashion Illustrated which was partner-supported by Stefanel Chodov.  This project was well noticed by the media and my work became very popular after that.

   Currently I am supporting four charity organizations with my illustrations and I feel blessed to be able to do what I love and help others.